Adventures in working and living abroad.

Katya Cox, Sr Product Manager at Amazon

I grew up curious about the world but not all that confident about my place in it. As my career progressed, I’ve discovered my voice as a tool to empower others to help them accomplish their goals. I write to process challenges I’m working through in my professional and personal life. I’ve converted my journaling to a public blog so others might apply my insights and feel empowered to do that-terrifying-thing-you’ve-seen-others-do-but-weren’t sure-if-you-could. My style is optimistic, casual, and candid – with a dash of vulnerability, a quality I hope will help others realize they already have what they need to succeed. 


Katya has worked for 3 Fortune 500 companies in a variety of tech roles including Business Analyst, Program Manager and Product Manager.  She is experienced at leading organizations through cultural change, including transition to Agile development. She has implemented Kaizen and LEAN methodologies to reduce defects in global supply chain systems. Most recently, she led Amazon’s product strategy for ML-powered solutions, including text extraction and computer vision. Katya currently owns the customer experience strategy for Electronics, Sports, Toys and Home products on Amazon. 

Community Engagement

Katya develops content and facilitates training for the Laamiga Literacy and Digital Skills course, aimed at empowering refugee and minority women in London. She is also an active career coach to local underemployed minority women. In Seattle, Katya served as Kitchen Manager for Bethany Women’s Shelter, providing weekly nutrition support for women in need.

One of the hardest things to do in technology is disrupt yourself.

Matt Mullenweg

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