Katya Cox

I grew up curious about the world but not all that confident about my place in it. As my career progressed, I’ve discovered my voice as a tool to empower others to help them accomplish their goals. I write to process challenges I’m working through in my professional and personal life. I’ve converted my journaling to a public blog so others might apply my insights and feel empowered to do that-terrifying-thing-you’ve-seen-others-do-but-weren’t sure-if-you-could. My style is optimistic, casual, and candid – with a dash of vulnerability, a quality I hope will help others realize they already have what they need to succeed. 


Katya is a results-driven product leader with 10+ years driving product roadmaps at all lifecycle stages who thrives when transforming ambiguous problems into inspiring customer experiences. Having delivered products for four Fortune 500 companies across aerospace, e-commerce and search, she is passionate about mentoring and growing the PM community. Katya is currently working on an AI powered language learning coach at Google. 

Community Engagement

Katya is the Director of Fundraising for Laamiga, a women’s charity focused on empowering refugee and minority women in London. She also provides 1×1 career coaching to local underemployed women.

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